Welcome to “A Table Portrait, Yerma”: the online experience. From the 21st to the 30th of June, a dinner party will take place somewhere in Amsterdam Noord.

As the capacities are limited due to space and current pandemic, part of the audience will need to follow the play online. Before your eyes: three videos offering three points of view to experience the play. You have the power to change points of view at any time. The videos will be available from 7PM to 10PM.

Information about the play:

“A Table Portrait, Yerma” (2018-2021) by Gersande Schellinx is an idiosyncratic re-writing of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play Yerma. An immersive play in three acts and three rooms.

Starring Stanley Steen as Juan, Leyla de Muynck as Yerma, Dawn Atteveld as Maria and Philip van de Bree as Victor.

Set Design by Gersande Schellinx, Costumes by Marite Kuus, Music by Oliver Feghali, Food and Dinner Scenography by Elena Braida, Joe Eshuis as Videographer and Dariya Trubina as Assistant Director. With help from Dasha Leontieva.

Special thanks to Harold Schellinx, Adèle Beaulieu, Kristina Schadler and Andrew Hill.